Cycling as a passion

As a cyclist many years ago I was lucky enough to experience the picturesque island of Mallorca slowly and intensively. The true and original Mallorca showed up with every bike tour and every kilometer a little bit more. The seemingly infinite diversity continues to fascinate me today. I have the feeling of discovering something new every day and getting deeper into the island life.

“My vision and at the same time my heart’s desire is to establish eBike mobility on Mallorca throughout the island.”Niklas Bender -

For me Mallorca is the most beautiful and diverse place on earth. For this reason, I would like to make a contribution in the sense of sustainability and further raise awareness, promote and sensitize as many visitors as possible to the gentle tourism in Mallorca.

I would like to see the tourists of Mallorca traveling in a healthy way on their eBikes on the island in the future, thus relieving the congested roads of small mountain villages or narrow coastal roads from the car masses. Respectful treatment of Mallorcan culture and the flora and fauna of Mallorca should be desirable and self-evident for all visitors.

The modern eBike is not only a means of transport, but has developed into a lifestyle product with a high fitness factor. The sporty aspect is not neglected by the use of the latest technology, which makes it possible to drive long and demanding distances and train in a healthy heart rate zone.

I would be happy if you would share my enthusiasm and motivation for the careful handling of this island and wish you a sporty, relaxed and natural time with the eBike in Mallorca!

Best wishes
Niklas Bender
Founder of eBike-Mallorca