BOSCH eBike novelties 2020

Here you can find the BOSCH eBike novelties for the season 2020, summarized by eBike-Mallorca.
In 2009, the global group BOSCH founded its eBike division and has been setting standards in the field of two-wheeled eMobility ever since. With almost 10 years of experience behind it, the developments for 2020 are also remarkable.
Here are the BOSCH eBike innovations for 2020
The 2020 Performance Line CX engine is designed for those who want to tackle the mountain or trail on a regular basis. The most powerful drive from Bosch for sporty and demanding drivers is particularly light in weight, compact in size and extremely powerful and efficient in power delivery. The ingenious coordination of the software always ensures the necessary power at the right moment. The Performance Line CX engine accelerates extremely powerfully, without any power loss or deceleration. With up to 340% perfectly dosed power development, it takes the fun of eMountainbiking to the top.
BOSCH eBike Battery Powertube 625
With a nominal capacity of 17.4 Ah and approx. 625 Wh energy content, the new Powertube 625 lithium-ion battery brings new ranges and altitude records within reach. The charging times have also been optimised, after approx. 3.7 hours the battery is fully charged with the 6 A Fast Charger charger from BOSCH, half the charge is already reached after approx. 1.4 hours. Thus even the smallest lunch break on your day trip becomes an effective fuel stop and you extend your radius of action with the eBike by many kilometres. For the world bummer there is still an increase, the DualBattery solution, a combination of two Bosch rechargeable batteries. This delivers an incredible 1,250 Wh.
The BOSCH eBike SmartphoneHub
With the Smartphone and COBI.Bike App, the SmartphoneHub becomes the intelligent control center of the eBike. With this you can navigate, activities can be recorded and other services and apps such as weather apps can be connected as needed. The eBike can still be used and controlled without a smartphone.
BOSCH eBike Cargo Line
The Cargo Line product line developed for model year 2020 makes transporting loads easy and comfortable and sets true standards for eMobility. With this product, families can also go shopping and have children in the fresh air in a flexible and environmentally friendly way. Postal and delivery services transport their cargo quickly and efficiently to its destination. The drive is available in two versions: with support up to 25 km/h or as Cargo Line Speed for S-pedelecs up to 45 km/h.
BOSCH Performance Line 2020
The new drive system “Performance Line” is the most versatile eBike engine from Bosch. Whether it’s a sporty ride through the countryside, a commute to work, or an easy ride through everyday life, this engine always provides the right support at the right moment. This engine is available in two versions, the quiet and light Performance Cruise supports up to 25 km/h and convinces with a sublime and dynamic driving feeling. With a torque of 65 Nm it helps to fully enjoy the driving pleasure even in mountainous terrain, with head wind and tiredness. The second variant, the “Performance Line Speed” accelerates with even more power and supports S-Pedelecs with up to 75 Nm of torque and up to 45 km/h. The second variant, the “Performance Line Speed”, accelerates with even more power.
Further BOSCH eBike novelties for 2020 are:
Kiox, a compact and sporty colour display, connects the eBiker with the rest of the digital world via the smartphone app eBike Connect. At last, for example, ride or fitness data recorded by Kiox can be transferred via the app to the eBike Connect online portal.
With the new Lock premium function, Bosch eBike Systems now offers pedelec riders additional digital protection against theft. Thanks to this solution, engine support is blocked when the Kiox on-board computer is removed.
With eSuspension for the Performance Line CX, Bosch eBike Systems, in cooperation with suspension fork and chassis manufacturer FOX, is offering for the first time an integrated and electronically controllable chassis that is designed for maximum comfort and fun off-road. FOX E-Live Valve can be controlled relatively easily via the Kiox on-board computer. Using a sophisticated sensor system, E-Live Valve permanently determines the terrain conditions with an incredible sensitivity of 1,000/per second and adjusts the suspension fork and damper accordingly in fractions of a second.
The year 2020 brings some very interesting novelties on the eBike market and BOSCH sets the standards as usual.

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