eBike-Mallorca. com continues to grow!

Since a few days it is now clear eBike-Mallorca. com is expanding the station network.
In 2018 there will be another base in the north of Mallorca. Together with our cooperation partner Rad-Salon Mallorca, we will open another eBike rental station in spring. It is located at the southernmost end of Can Picafort, close to the Ferrer hotels popular with cyclists. There we will of course offer our full and high-quality eBike assortment, bookings for this station can be made from 01.12.17 via our booking page. If you are looking for a high-quality racing bike without e-drive, Rad-Salon is the place to be.

Can Picafort, between Trabant Town and Nature Reserve

The Can Picafort location is very popular with cyclists, its location is similarly interesting as Playa de Muro or Alcudia. The large number of hotels and the good connections to the popular cycle routes have been attracting many cyclists to the satellite city for years. Even if Can Picafort actually looks like an artificially created tourist resort, this was not always the case. The first traces date back to the Early Bronze Age. Despite today’s dominance of large hotel buildings, one can make some surprising discoveries. There is even a small fishing harbour and some nice little fishing houses to discover. From there we recommend a beautiful boat trip to explore the bay of Alcudia, it is wonderful to change the perspective and to see the island from the sea. The view of the 800 hectare nature reserve is a pleasant contrast to the view of the neighbouring tourist centres.
At the end of the day, there is an evening at the surfer bar EL SOL in Son Serra de Marina (south of Can Picafort, about 10Km away and easily accessible by eBike). There eBike-Mallorca. com recommends the excellent black risotto, which is served in a relaxed atmosphere. With good wind conditions you can watch the surfers at any time of the year during their spectacular training. The attentive observer will notice obelisk-like structures that line up along the coast at a distance of 1240m. The double towers made of sand-lime brick (each 200 m away from each other) were once used by seafarers to determine their position. The Torres de Defensa or Torres d’ EnfilaciĆ³ are gradually being renovated and will be restored to their original white colour and red stripes.