eBike Transport and eBike Shipping to Mallorca

Are you planning a cycling holiday, flying to Mallorca and want to take your own eBike with you? Here you will find the best tips about eBike transport and shipping to Mallorca.
Many active holidaymakers are used to take their own bike with them to Mallorca, almost all airlines are adjusted to this and offer this service. The prices for the bicycle transport range between 90,00€ and 150,00€. The bicycle should be properly and safely packed, a special bicycle case offers the highest security here. But how does the transport or shipping of an eBike to Mallorca or other countries behave?
The eBike is classified in this case by the legislator and the airlines and/or the shipping as dangerous goods, reason for it is the Akku located at the eBike. So you can theoretically have your eBike transported by your airline, but you have to leave the battery at home. Violations will be punished with extremely high fines. For this case we offer you our eBike battery rental service, here you rent your eBike battery for Mallorca. In addition the weight of the eBike is to be considered absolutely, most eBikes exceed the maximum weight prescribed by the airlines.
Which possibilities for the eBike transport to Mallorca are there in addition? The only legal way is by land or sea. As long as the battery is properly mounted in the eBike, the object is not considered to be dangerous goods by land. So you could start your journey to Mallorca with your own car, or have the complete eBike incl. battery transported by a forwarding agent. The prices are in this case between 150,00€ and 300,00€, an individual delivery can not be carried out in most cases. So you would have to pick up your eBike in a forwarding depot. Experience has shown that the transit times are approx. 10 to 14 days.
A further, albeit very cumbersome solution is the shipping of the eBike without battery by air and the shipping of the battery by land or sea. Here again the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by land and the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by ship have to be observed. Everything sounds very complicated and stressful….. and indeed it is!
There is a simple, comfortable and stress-free variant for your cycling holiday on Mallorca:
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