“Festa des Vermar”: discover Mallorca’s most beautiful wine festival by eBike

The wine capital of Mallorca is the small town of Binissalem, about 20 kilometres northeast of the island’s capital Palma. The area has 16 wineries, known as Bodegas, which produce approximately 2 million litres of wine per year. Binissalem celebrates a wonderful wine festival in September after the grape harvest. The traditional “Festa des Vermar” is held every day from the middle to the end of the month. The streets are traditionally decorated, with processions, music and dancing events being celebrated. Eating is done together on long tables under the open sky in the alleys of the beautiful village. A small wine fair is held as part of the “Festa des Vermar”, where Mallorcan wines can be tasted and purchased at various stands by local producers. Grape betting is particularly popular. The freshly harvested grapes of the Manto Negro or Prensal Blanc grape varieties are trampled underfoot on the church square as part of a traditional competition. Several groups of four crush the harvest in wooden vats. Whoever has “produced” the largest amount of must after the expiration of the time has won the competition. Another highlight of the “Festa des Fermar” is the great grape battle of the young villagers of Binissalem. Many onlookers observe from a safe distance how the young people throw themselves at each other with grapes, soap themselves and dip each other in the fresh grape-mat.

Our tip for a visit to the festa des vermar.

We recommend a stay of several days with extensive eBike tours through the vineyards of Mallorca, with overnight stay at a bodega, a country hotel or a finca hotel in and around Binissalem. The month of September is ideal for cycling. The matching eBikes are available here at eBike-Mallorca in our eBike rental.

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