“Noche de San Joan” on Mallorca

Exactly six months after Christmas, Mallorca celebrates the shortest night of the year. With the arrival of summer, one celebrates St. John’s Eve (“Noche de San Joan” or “Fiesta de Sant Joan”). On the one hand, the birthday of the patron saint “Sant Joan” is celebrated, and on the other hand, the Midsummer’s Night Festival. From 23. On June 24th, you can enjoy big, hearty parties with dance, music and fireworks until dawn. On the beaches of Mallorca families and friends gather around campfire, wine, candlelight and torchlight. At midnight thousands of singing, laughing people storm into the shallow seawater at midnight and wish for something to come true next year. The tradition is based on rituals of pagan origin, as they were cultivated at a time before Christ. The biggest celebration takes place in the main town of Mallorca, in the Parc de la Mar and at the Playa de Palma there is a huge party. It is not only in Palma that one can experience this feast, but also in the smaller towns such as Muro, Alcudia, Puigpunyent, Calvia, Son Serverra and Deia this custom is cultivated very consciously and solemnly.

Video source: Vimeo, Mediaterran
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