Range of BOSCH eBike

How far can I ride my BOSCH powered eBike with one battery charge?
We are asked this central question several times a day. Unfortunately, there is no absolute answer to this question. The influencing factors are too diverse and the riding styles, personal fitness or body weight are too different. On Mallorca we have already experienced everything in this respect, the differences were between 50 kilometres and 150 kilometres range.
But if you follow our tips, you can strongly influence and maximize the range of your eBike.
Pay attention to cadence: A cadence of more than 50 revolutions per minute optimises the efficiency of the motor. Very slow pedaling with heavy gears, on the other hand, costs a lot of energy. Just compare your cadence with the engine speed of your car. If possible, try to always drive at the optimum speed to save fuel.
Gear shift use: Correct shifting makes the engine more efficient. If possible, always drive with foresight and select a gear adapted to the topography. It is best to choose a light gear when starting off and on inclines. Choose a heavier gear downhill, with tail wind or higher speed. Try to develop a feeling for the optimum cadence, the on-board computer of your BOSCH eBike will provide you with an optimum gear recommendation.
Weight: The total weight of rider, eBike and luggage should not be maximized unnecessarily. The higher the system weight, the higher the battery consumption.
Smooth riding and pedalling: If you start and brake frequently, you will consume considerably more energy than if you drive at a constant speed and in a homogeneous manner. Frequently, a driving style is also observed in which a “pedal phase” takes place and then a “roll-out phase”. This driving style also costs your battery a lot of energy.
Pay attention to tyre pressure: The rolling resistance can be minimised by correct tyre pressure. The optimum pressure depends on the tyre manufacturer’s recommendation; you will find precise information on the sidewall of your tyre. A bicycle inner tube loses approx. 1 bar of pressure per month, so check your tyre pressure regularly.
Observe the engine power display: The engine power display of the BOSCH on-board computer always shows you the current power development of your engine. A long bar means a high power consumption, a short bar therefore a low power consumption.
Battery & temperature: As the temperature drops, the performance of a battery decreases as the electrical resistance inside the battery increases. In cold weather, a reduction of the usual range is to be expected, you suddenly need “one more bar” of your display on your home route.
Calculate range: You are planning a longer distance with your eBike and are not sure if the range of your battery is sufficient? With the range assistant of BOSCH typical ranges can be determined under different basic conditions. (eBike Range Assistant)
On long tours with luggage it is advisable to carry a charger with you. During a lunch break you have charged your battery by approx. 50% within one hour. We haven’t seen any innkeeper before who denied us our friendly request for a socket.