The eBike Mallorca Battery Guide, tips for the care of your eBike battery

In our eBike battery guide you will learn the best care tips for your ebike battery. Maintain the performance of your battery and benefit from a longer service life.
The eBike battery is the most sensitive component of an eBike, it is a consumer good and is subject to daily, albeit minimal, wear. It does not matter whether it is used or stored in a dark basement. Cold, heat and non-use are the biggest enemies for your eBike battery and should be avoided. The term “AKKU” is derived from the term accumulator. The Latin word accumulator means “collector” (Latin cumulus ‘heap’, accumulare ‘accumulate’).
Each cell is enclosed in a Bosch battery by a stable steel case and additionally protected in a plastic housing. The battery housing must not be opened. Mechanical stress must also be avoided as it could damage the battery cells and cause flammable substances to escape. In general, the handling of a battery could be compared to the handling of a petrol can or the tank of your car.
Here are our recommendations for the correct handling of your eBike battery:
Storage – Avoid overheating and do not store Bosch batteries and chargers near heat sources or flammable materials. We recommend storage in unoccupied rooms with smoke detectors. Dry places with an ambient temperature of about 10 to 20 °C are well suited. Temperatures below -10 °C and above 60 °C should always be avoided. A charge state of 100% or 0.0% means stress for the battery. The ideal charge level for longer storage periods is approx. 30 to 60 % or two to three luminous diodes on the battery display.
Cleaning – Cleaning with a water jet or high pressure cleaner is taboo. A damp cloth is better suited. The battery should be removed before each cleaning of the eBike. The plug poles should be checked regularly, cleaned occasionally and lightly greased.
Charging – Charging should be done in a dry environment and at room temperature.
Winter operation – In winter operation (especially below 0 °C) we recommend that the battery, which has been charged and stored at room temperature, is not inserted into the eBike until shortly before the start of the journey. For longer rides in cold weather, we recommend the use of thermal protection sleeves. Please remove them early in the spring when temperatures rise.
Inspection and update – The dealer you trust can use a diagnostic device to check the health status of the eBike, in particular the battery, and inform you about the number of charging cycles. You will receive a very interesting, clear printout and pay between 30,00€ and 40,00€ for this service.
Behavior in case of fire – In extremely rare cases, even the highest quality eBike batteries can catch fire. Please never try to extinguish such a fire yourself, but inform the fire brigade immediately and inform them about a lithium-ion battery fire. Ensure sufficient fresh air supply or (if still possible) take the eBike or the battery outside (outside flammable materials). Do not inhale the smoke under any circumstances; if this has already happened, please consult a doctor immediately. Also inform people around the fire about these rules of conduct.
The following factors will shorten the life of your battery:
– Excessive strain
– Storage at temperatures above 30 °C,
– Longer storage in completely full or completely empty condition,
– Parking the eBike in the blazing sun
The following factors will extend the life of your battery:
– Low stress
– Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20 °C
– Storage in a state of charge of approx. 30 – 60%.
– Parking the eBike in the shade or in cool rooms
If your eBike battery has massively lost performance, you can find a suitable replacement in our eBike online shop. We exclusively use original eBike batteries from BOSCH and offer a correct and safe battery shipping.