What is your eBike type?

The beautiful landscape of Mallorca is just as varied as the projects of the cyclists who come to the island every year. In order to meet these requirements, we offer four different eBike categories.

1) Relax

The Active Line drive from BOSCH has been specially designed for the “leisure eBike”. This drive system is available in all models of the “relaxed” category at our eBike rental stations in Mallorca. The area of application ranges from the relaxed cycling tour through the natural beauties of Mallorca to supply trips, day trips and island tours. Experience has shown that the ranges vary between 70 and 180 kilometres, depending on the load. In the flat south of Mallorca you will reach the maximum range with your eBike rather than in the hills around Sineu or in the Tramuntana mountains. The combination with high-quality hub gears guarantees a very easy handling of the eBike.

2) Sportiv

Are you planning an eBike tour of Mallorca and are you looking for an eBike rental with high quality, sporty bikes? Then we recommend our eBike category “sporty”. The BOSCH Performance CX drive system guarantees a very sporty driving style and an enormous power output. The high-quality e-bike of the type Haibike XDURO Cross 3.0 is the ideal all-rounder and at home in almost every terrain on Mallorca. The range of coverage is strongly dependent on the area of application and varies between 60 and 150 kilometres.

3) Mountain

Drive through the woods, over gentle hills and through fragrant olive groves, free of all everyday obligations. For all eBikers on Mallorca who are off the beaten track, our category eBike “mountain” is available. These are also equipped with the BOSCH Performance CX drive and have a travel of 150 millimetres. This means that you are prepared for the demanding tour in the mountains of Mallorca. The ranges in the mountains vary between 50 and 80 kilometres.

4) Race

Speed fascinates you, racing is in your blood. Mallorca is the ideal destination for all those who have an ambitious ambition. With the Haibike XDURO Race S 6.0 we offer a thoroughbred eBike for fast street use in the category eBike “race”. The BOSCH Performance speed engine catapults you to a top speed of up to 45km/h. At the speed of the professionals, you sweep across the island and cover distances between 40 and 80 kilometres in no time at all.