A sea of flowers in February

Eight million almond trees are shown in white and pink glory at the time of the almond blossom. The time from the end of January to the beginning of March is a true natural spectacle and an incomparable experience for every cyclist. The cycle paths often run along the huge almond tree plantations and you can smell the scent of flowers from afar. A sea of white and pink flowers stands out from the deep blue of the spring sky. Satisfied sheep graze between the trees on lush flower meadows. Apparently countless lambs enjoy spring at 15-20 degrees Celsius in full trains, here and there a cosy donkey joins the herds. The ringing of the sheep bells is sometimes softer and sometimes louder, it has an unbelievably calming effect on the observer of this unique scenario.

Until a few decades ago, Mallorca was one of the largest almond growing regions in the world, and the Moors brought the tree from the Orient back in the 10th century. There are about 200 different varieties, the genus of the sweet cloak has white flowers, the bitter cloak is pink. Over the centuries, the almond tree has become an integral part of Mallorcan agriculture, excellent local produce is made from almonds.

Mallorca to the almond blossom is definitely worth a visit, with the e-bike you reach the most remote spots and enjoy this natural spectacle with all your senses. A slice of warm almond cake will give you a boost after your springtime trip.