Poppy blossom in April on Mallorca

Already during the landing approach you can see the red poppy meadows that adorn Mallorca in April. The intense red of the red poppy provides a fascinating contrast to the lush greenery of the rest of Mallorca’s flora. During the months of April and May, the Balearic island seems to experience a veritable explosion of colour, the soft colours of the almond blossom are then replaced by strong colours. Flowers such as the blue cornflower or yellow and white daisies often join in and enrich the wonderful sight. If you want to see the flower of the year 2017, April is the right time to visit Mallorca. Only rarely do you find such a large number of wild poppy fields. Cyclists enjoy their sight, photographers see the challenge of contrasting colours, gourmets eat the blossom raw in salads. They taste slightly like cucumber and have a discreet hazelnut flavour. The leaves are also edible, cooked like spinach and seasoned with fried shallots and a dash of cream.